4 mins read

Aim to get rejected often

I get rejected at least one to two times a week. In busier periods, this can often be closer to five to fifteen rejections a week. These rejections come in many shapes and forms: internship applications, fellowship applications, cold-email/DM requests, you name it.

13 mins read

Playing the internship game: my honest experience

For the past couple of months, I struggled navigating many rejections in search of an internship. In an effort to share my honest experience and not just the highlights, I decided to write this post.

3 mins read

What it means to be lucky

I've noticed that no one seems to agree on a concrete definition for what we term 'luck.' Colloquially, luck has been adopted to mean many different things in many different contexts. I would like to arrive at some concrete understanding of what it is and to do so, let's look at how it's used in some different contexts

5 mins read

Distinguishing goals from chores

Recently, I've realized that there is a discrepancy between my goals and my actions. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I managed to acquire some terminology for describing this phenomenon.

6 mins read

Genius is (mostly) comparative

Some of the best advice I've received has been to turn short-term games into long-term games. In the past, I interpreted this as prioritize actions that further long-term goals over those that generate short-term rewards. After digging a bit deeper and thinking at a different level of abstraction, I now see this piece of advice in a different dimension.