floating online,
touching grass,
🐇🕳️ count: 52,

Dear Traveller,

Hello! It looks like you've come across my slice of the internet, my letters! It's not much, but I call it home, a simple relic made with love in an increasingly digital world. It's a pleasure to meet you, let's dive down some rabbit-holes together!

Oh, how rude of me, I should introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Amir!

If you can't already tell, I love exclamation points! How else am I supposed to express my excitement that you're here?

I care a lot and try hard.

I like asking questions, working with the garage door open, and reflecting on the impact I want to have on this world.

Some nouns I'd describe myself with are: I want to build new kinds of institutions that shape the future of how we think, learn, and build.

I geek out on crypto, software, reading, and writing.

I love making people laugh and thinking critically about the world.

I strive to be kind, prolific, and someone who actually does things,

I also like to hack on projects.

In a previous life, I
  • raised $8k off a viral tweet to run a reading retreat (we call it a rabbitholeathon!) in nature
  • did research and engineering at a16z crypto
  • was employee #1 the first person to break things at Spellbound
  • made an AI app generator that was funnier than me at Glide
  • played with some numbers at the Stanford Cancer Institute
  • created some security vulnerabilities for my team to remember me by at Amazon
  • ran a marathon on 7 weeks of training as a bet (3:43:17)
  • hosted a Podcast (for 40 episodes!) with a friend where we talked about life, ambition, school, work, relationships, and everything in between.
  • did some other things. Like being born, growing up,becoming an adult, playing Minecraft and Runescape, watching YouTube etc.
You can reach me on Twitter or electronic mail at amir [dot] amgad01 [@] gmail [dot] com. Say hi, I love making new friends!