floating online,
touching grass,


I like to hack on projects. Most of my work is on GitHub.

I've built quite a few. Some (non-exhaustive) fun ones are:

ChatAmir, I tried to clone myself with LLMs. Talk to LLM Amir (currently down, need to update server lol)

Trace, a tool to help make managers more productive with AI

Daskalos, my AI learning buddy, a chrome extension that helps you learn and engage with what you read (not oss because still beta-testing with users a.k.a myself)

Sweet Serenade - generate love songs between characters in any book with AI

zkJSON - PDA inside of a SNARK (code coming soon)

heyanoun - credible pseudonymous messages for noun governance prop discussion

zkpin - trust-minimized commitment pools with zkSNARKs

Mirror NFT - a credibly neutral google forms experience for Mirror. Allows writers to securely and trustlessly collect anonymous feedback from NFT holders with zkSNARKs (not os sadly).

pubkeyrecover - a smol utility tool to recover Ethereum public keys from raw tx data

zkCrush - a (mostly joke?) toy at telling your crush you like them with zero-knowledge

Hanndbook to Life - a library curating the best of what people have learned in one place for figuring out how to live your life

Accountable - stay accountable for your tasks/goals by putting money on the line

Twitter social graph

Apollo-Curius - search engine for everything I read on Curius


NDNFT - an experiment at higher-dimensional NFTs

Thalia - on-chain music composition

Apollo - web3 recommendation engine (sadly this is not public yet)

Glide AI App Generator

Flora - a virtual world and digital garden to explore all of my data powered by a custom, hand-written full-text and semantic search engine to surface related records (written in Poseidon)

Apollo - a Unix-style personal search engine and web crawler for your digital footprint, source (written in Poseidon)

Mercury - a serverless, persistent, and minimalist note dump that works fully ofline (written in Poseidon)

Zeus - a tool for creating, storing, and sharing customizeable lists composed of markdown elements (written in Poseidon)

Welkin - procedurally generate different artistic drawings of cites/skylines that look hella pretty (written in Poseidon)

Conway's game of life (written in Poseidon)

Poseidon - a web framework (similar to React, Backbone, and Torus) from scratch in Javascript

Lispy - a programming language inspired by Scheme and Clojure

Vibely- learn song lyrics quickly so you can vibe

Carly - a tool to send my family and friends authentic digital cards in the style of handwritten messages

Athena - personal mind palace

Puntastic for finding great dad jokes