floating online,
touching grass,

Phrases I like (ongoing)


in no particular order

  • Fuck around and find out
  • Do it for the plot
  • Commit to the bit/in it for the bit
  • Anything for the shot
  • Main character energy
  • If you remember more than you forget, you give someone something they wouldn’t otherwise get
  • Skill issue
  • Sickie Bickie
  • Ate the cake and left no crumbs
  • Stir the pot, savor the scene
  • Play it by ear
  • Spill the tea
  • Slay your dragons/demons
  • Flip the script not the table
  • She’s deadly (to mean she’s attractive), also she’s a leng ting
  • That’s bonkers
  • it’s so over -> we’re so back
  • find God (as a comeback)
  • No cap / on god
  • They’re so real for this