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Green flags (ongoing)

green flags

in no particular order

  • Doesn’t smoke/vape
  • <2k insta followers, mostly inactive from social media
  • Emotionally mature
  • Growth mindset
  • Bold
  • Leave u after hanging out feeling energized not drained
  • Bring out a good side of u
  • Feel like u can talk to them uncensored
    • Comfortable with / to some extent enjoys looking like an idiot in public
  • Does not always rely on u to lead/initiate the conversation
  • Good relationship with parents
  • Watched Disney channel as a kid
  • Has one or more siblings (bonus if at least one is a brother)
  • Played some music or sport consistently growing up
  • Comfortable doing activities alone (like eating out, visiting a museum etc.)
  • Not woke
  • Doesn’t have a “hate all men” complex
  • Not self-sabotaging
  • Default optimistic, doesn’t complain often or without good reason
  • Good sense of humor/laughs a lot
  • Can keep up with the banter
  • Does not get offended easily
  • Open minded
  • Asks at least one question in conversation
  • Works out (lifts, run, plays sports)
  • Good body but doesn’t need to blatantly show it online (by posting thirst traps)
  • Likes to hosts stuff or has hosted before
  • Doesn’t have tattoos (or if so, discrete small ones)
  • Has traveled solo before (or would be open to it)
  • Not judgemental
  • Self-aware
  • Inclusive, esp. in in-group gatherings/dynamics (if you’re trying to include new people, and not just talk to your good friends, that’s hot)
  • Grounded
  • Good taste (music, reading, fashion etc.)
  • Unique/controversial takes
  • Earnest
  • Proactive
  • Not entitled, doesn’t have princess syndrome
  • In a group setting in a bar or club, will prioritize friends over a guy hitting on her (doesn’t run off with a guy for validation)