floating online,
touching grass,

Fake it till you make it


Slowly realizing that “fake it till you make it” is really about convincing myself before anyone else that I’m capable of doing it.

That in fact the hardest person to have faith in is often myself.

Because the activation energy of getting started is not lack of experience or knowledge. It’s overcomming my gut reaction that I am not good enough. And maybe I am not good enough to actually do it. But I’m good enough to act like I’m doing it.

And at some point the acting becomes indistinguishable from doing. And the doing becomes indistinguishable from achieving the goal itself.

“Fake it till you make it” does not necessarily mean what you think it means. It’s not about conning or lying. It’s not about running away from the problem. Or tricking other people. It’s about coming to terms with the fact that you are smart enough, you are good enough, and you are capable enough to do this.

It’s about forcing yourself to start working on the problem.