About me

Hi! My name’s Amir and I’m a sophomore at Georgia Tech who wants to make an impact on the world at scale. I’m currently working on Ivy and will be interning at Amazon this summer. I’ll be taking a gap semester in the fall to help create the next billion software developers at Glide!

A quick highlight reel — in the past, I’ve:

I host a podcast with a friend every week where we talk about creativity and happiness. I also do some public introspection aka thinking about random things right here and on Twitter.


  • hacking on side projects
  • reading Antifragile
  • trying to learn to backflip

Recently Built

Fun Facts

  • I ran a marathon on 1.5 months of training as a bet (time was 3:43:17) and here’s a picture because I still don’t believe it! marathon
  • I was born in Egypt, raised in Dubai, and have traveled to more than 10 countries around the world, from service trips in Kenya to surfing adventures in Thailand
  • Although I am ethnically Egyptian, I learned English before Arabic. When my parents could only talk behind my back in French, I was forced to take it up in high school and show them otherwise