About me

Hi! My name’s Amir and I’m a (rising) junior and professional noob at Georgia Tech.

Currently @ Amazon Incoming @ Glide, @ ODC

A quick highlight reel — in the past, I’ve:

I host a podcast with a friend every week where we talk about creativity and happiness. I also do some public introspection aka thinking about random things right here and on Twitter.


  • hacking on side projects
  • reading Antifragile
  • trying to learn to backflip

Recently Built

  • Lispy - a programming language inspired by Scheme and Clojure
  • Vibely - learn song lyrics quickly so you can vibe
  • Carly - a tool to send my family and friends authentic digital cards in the style of handwritten messages
  • Personal mind palace open-sourced here
  • Puntastic for finding dad jokes
  • Working interpreter, still some ways to go though!
  • Ivy

Fun Facts

  • I ran a marathon on 1.5 months of training as a bet (time was 3:43:17) and here’s a picture because I still don’t believe it! marathon
  • I was born in Egypt, raised in Dubai, and have traveled to more than 10 countries around the world, from service trips in Kenya to surfing adventures in Thailand
  • Although I am ethnically Egyptian, I learned English before Arabic. When my parents could only talk behind my back in French, I was forced to take it up in high school and show them otherwise